Eternal Rock Ministries

As Jesus said, Let the children come to me, more that 75,000 children from many parts of India come to know His Love through CBF ( Children’s Bible Fest ) - the ministry among children.

Children’s Bible Fest - CBF is a fun-filled 7 days vacation bible programme for children, categorising them into 6 levels, such as

  1. Nursery
  2. Beginner
  3. Primary
  4. Junior
  5. Intermediate and
  6. Senior

Indian children, without caste or creed, run to the places where the CBF programmes are conducted for all the happiness they enjoy there. For 7 days, the children will be taught songs, bible stories, games and activities , all based on the theme of the year.

Children enjoy singing and dancing during the song sessions. The stories, both biblical and moral touch the little hearts and inspire them to walk in the way of the truth. Games and activities also add up to the happiness in the learning about God’s Love. During the CBF season, many children accept Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

Teacher Training Programmes

Leading a child to Christ is not an easy task, as one might feel. Not just soul burden is a qualification needed for a person to lead children into God’s kingdom, but it needs much training and experience in the field when it comes to child evangelism.

With this in mind, every year we conduct teacher training programmes for willing teachers who volunteer to serve in the Lord’s vineyard. Nearly 2000 teachers from many parts of Tamilnadu are being trained to become child evangelists.


The training sessions have lively worship and song sessions along with lectures by many experienced leaders in children ministry. The topics handled during the training sessions are :

  1. Need for Child Evangelism
  2. Qualities of a Teacher
  3. Statistics of World Children
  4. Child Psychology
  5. Role of Music in Children Ministry
  6. Importance of Memory Verse
  7. The Story and the Gospel ( Story-telling fun )
  8. Leading a Child to Christ
Teacher’s Training Programme Schedule
Daily Morning
- 06:00am - 07:00am

- Morning Service - 08:30am
- Evening Service - 05:30pm

2nd Sunday
- General Youth Meeting
- 11:30am - 12.30pm

2nd Monday
- Pastors Meet
- 11:00am - 01.00pm

- Men's Youth Prayer Fellowship
- 07.30pm - 08:30pm

1st Thursday
- Women's Fasting Prayer
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

1st Friday
- Church Fasting Prayer
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

Last Friday
- All night prayer
- 10:00pm

2nd Saturday
- Prayer for the Nation
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

3rd Saturday
- General Fasting Prayer
- 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Children's Bible Fest