Eternal Rock Ministries
JEEVAKARUNYA Children’s Home

In India, orphaned and abandoned children are facing unbelievable abuse and exploitation. A large percentage of these children end up living a life of crime, prostitution and addiction. The Lord has given us a great burden for these children and led us to provide love and security for them.


As a result of this burden, JEEVAKARUNYA, a children’s home was started with the sole aim of providing love and care to the orphans, the underpriviledged and the poor children and make their life worth. JEEVAKARUNYA, which was started with two orphaned spastic children is right now, a home to nine children, 3 boys and 6 girls. These children come from very poor families in remote villages. Most of them are single parent children who had hardly had a meal a day, and never had an opportunity to hear the gospel. We provide them free housing, food, clothing, medication, education at the public school, and we daily teach the Bible and lead them in prayer. Now, they have hope in Jesus Christ.


Education unlocks doors and is the foundation of our journey into the future. All the children attend the excellent Tamilnadu Government Higher Secondary School in the nearby area of Madhavaram.


The staff of the Home who help and encourage the children to complete their home assignments in good time. We closely monitor the progress of each child.


We find that the majority of the children relish at the chance to learn and we also offer extra tutoring for those who take more time than others to settle into life away from home and a new routine of going to school.

Housing & Health Care

At JEEVAKARUNYA, the children are provided with more space and a better standard of accomodation. There is a little garden with some crotons and flowering plants which the children water every morning and a big playground right across the street, where the children play in the evening.


Appropriate medical care is necessary for the children to perform optimally both at school and at home. A doctor of western medicine visits the Hostel once every three months to provide regular check-ups and is also available for emergency services as they arise. All the children are vaccinated for the diseases common to that part of the world.

Home visits

We recognize the importance of keeping all the children in touch with their families back home and the way of life of their villages. At some stage, in the ideal world, we would hope and expect most of our children to take the knowledge and experiences they have learned with us back to their village. With this in mind, we have initiated a yearly home-visit program. Children are escorted back to their villages and spend the school holidays with their extended families.

Taking in a child is a long-term responsibility which we take very seriously. The gracious Lord has given us His grace and strength to cater to the needs of the children through some good hearted people.

Feeding, clothing, and educating one child costs $20.00 per month. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child. You too, can join us in helping these children and make their dreams come true.

Daily Morning
- 06:00am - 07:00am

- Morning Service - 08:30am
- Evening Service - 05:30pm

2nd Sunday
- General Youth Meeting
- 11:30am - 12.30pm

2nd Monday
- Pastors Meet
- 11:00am - 01.00pm

- Men's Youth Prayer Fellowship
- 07.30pm - 08:30pm

1st Thursday
- Women's Fasting Prayer
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

1st Friday
- Church Fasting Prayer
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

Last Friday
- All night prayer
- 10:00pm

2nd Saturday
- Prayer for the Nation
- 11:00am - 02:00pm

3rd Saturday
- General Fasting Prayer
- 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Children's Bible Fest